(in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302, on the basis of Presidential Decree 7/2018 on package travel and associated travel arrangements)

The following General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the program participation agreement and please be read carefully before joining one of our organized programs. Participation in any organized activity of our Company requires a careful study of the program of the particular activity and means the unconditional acceptance by the traveler of the General Conditions of Participation, as they have been formed according to the Presidential Decree. 7/2018.

Please note that the General Terms and Conditions refer to the general information and rights and obligations of the two parties resulting from participation in the program of activities, and for specific and particular information (destinations, prices, days and hours of departure and return, means of transport, visits, etc.), which relate to each organized activity separately, you should consult the schedule of each trip and the relevant price list or the case-by-case prices & costs as provided by the organizer.

  1. The Organizing Company

We are the company called “MAST PRIVATE CAPITAL COMPANY” with the distinctive title “MAST IKE”, based in the Municipality of Sami Kefallinia, (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizing Company”), organizing activities / trips either on our own or in a joint venture with other companies, and we sell or sell them for sale by ourselves or through another company (vendor).

  • Contract

Your participation in the Schedule of Activities (hereinafter “Travel Service”) requires the signing of a contract between our Company and the “Traveler”, ie you, which covers your family or the group you represent and cover financially, a copy of which you get obligatory. These General Terms and Conditions constitute an integral part of this agreement.

  • Generally

The information and data contained in the General Conditions of Participation have been checked by our office at the time of writing for their accuracy are of a general nature and apply unless otherwise stated in the program of each travel agency .

  • Participation in the activity programs – Reservations – Participation of groups

The activities of our company are provided under the trademark “AEONIAN TRAVEL” and are open to all if they have reached the age of 18. Reservations for minors must be made by their legal guardians and will only be accepted if the minor travels with at least one of his / her parents or another adult who assumes all responsibility for the minor and has the relevant documents with him / her. A prerequisite for participation in the program of activities is the mental and physical health of the individual participant, the willingness to cooperate with the other participants and the observance of the instructions and rules of the organizers. Despite the adherence to strict safety rules, the use of the best equipment and the choice of safer routes, nature activities involve the risk of accident and / or death, and participation in them presupposes awareness and acceptance of this risk. The organizing company has the obligation to provide the most reliable and safe equipment, experienced and trained guides-trainers who adhere to the safety rules set by the company and its responsibility is limited to them.

The printed programs are valid for the period indicated in the applicable price list and in an indivisible combination with it, indicating any changes, corrections and travel information that bind all travelers. The final configuration of the travel services and their price is contained in the package travel agreement, signed and accepted by the two parties (travel agency and travelers).

Please note that any special wishes, needs or demands of the traveler with regard to the travel service in which he or she participates should be expressly included in the contract, provided that they have been agreed and feasible. Since these elements may constitute personal data of the traveler (often sensitive personal data), our company reserves them exclusively for the duration of the journey in order to serve the traveler’s needs in the travel service, and then delete them.

Information and activity program data may change due to frequent and extraordinary changes in weather conditions of the world, especially the conditions in transport and international relations. In this case you will be notified immediately in the most appropriate way, and for this reason our company should have all your contact information (telephones, faxes, email) so that they can contact you at any time .

In order for any placement to be valid, the relevant entry must be signed and accompanied by a deposit equal to 30% of the entry fee. The balance is settled 7 days before the start of the program. The deposit or repayment in the bank account of the organizing company either by credit or cash automatically means that the applicant is fully informed about the program and accepts the general conditions of participation.

In case of cancellation, for any reason, the following apply:

a) Cancellation of up to ten (10) days prior to departure: refund of the entire deposit.

b) Cancellation of up to five (5) days prior to the start of the program: withholding 50% of the participation fee.

c) Cancellation in less than five (5) days before the start of the program: deduction of the total amount of participation.

If there is cooperation with other suppliers (hotels, tour operators), then their payment and cancellation terms apply in any case. Failure to appear in the program implies the deduction of the entire stake.

The deposit will be made to the following company account: GR3901403490349002002008384

Special offers or excursions sold on more favorable terms than those listed in the entry form are offered for a limited time and subject to availability as notified by the organizing company in its sole discretion. In the case of registration of several individuals and / or groups in a program, the team representative undertakes and bears responsibility for: a) completing the entry form; b) informing everyone about the conditions for participation and what they should have with them .

  • Complaint

The traveler may terminate the package holiday at any time before the package begins. In this case, the traveler will pay a reasonable and justified charge for a complaint to our company, depending on the time of termination (cancellation).

The traveler also has the right to denounce the package holiday before the package starts without paying any charge for termination in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances at or very close to the place of destination which significantly affect the execution of the package or significantly affect the transfer of passengers to the destination. In this case, the traveler is entitled to a full refund of all the amounts paid for the package but is not entitled to additional compensation.

  • Prices

The value of travel services (hereinafter referred to as “the price”) refers to our current pricelist, which also analyzes the other mandatory charges (taxes, airport taxes, fuel surcharges, gratuities, visas etc.) or you are given a detailed by our company when you ask for a trip The prices of the activities are calculated on the basis of the cost data on the bidding date, based on service cost, applicable fares, taxes and other security costs, foreign exchange rate currencies in relation to the Euro, as well as any other cost factor. Having reached to the full extent of any forecasting ability, our company retains the right to adjust prices when the above cost factors change. The price of the travel service can be changed up to 20 days prior to the date of departure due to unforeseen increases in fares, currency, fuel, etc. This price increase will be communicated to you in a clear, comprehensible and prominent way on a fixed medium , together with its justification.

If the package price is increased by more than 8%, the traveler may accept the proposed amendment or terminate the contract without paying a complaint.

If the traveler denounces the contract, then he can accept another package if we can offer it, of equivalent or superior quality and value. If the travel service offered to the traveler is of lesser value, the price will be reduced accordingly.

It is the duty of the traveler to notify us in writing of any decision within a reasonable time, but in no case exceeds five (5) days from the moment the price increase is notified to him. If the traveler does not respond in writing within the above deadline, our company is obliged to cancel its participation and return all the money he or she has paid without any other obligation.

Charges typically involve third-party costs (port taxes, fuel surcharges / fuel surcharge, exchange differences, etc.).

If, instead of an increase, there is any reduction in the cost of travel due to a reduction in the cost of fuel or other energy sources, taxes or charges (tourist taxes, embarkation or disembarkation fees, exchange rates for the package), a traveler is entitled to a price reduction corresponding to the relative cost reduction. In this case, our company has the right to deduct the actual administrative costs from the amount of return that it owes the traveler.

 The method of calculating charges differs from company to company and refers to its specific additional terms. The prices for organized travel services are for one person and cover only the services mentioned in the “included” services.

The exact price differentials, however, are listed in the price list that applies each time.

7.Obligations of the organizing company

The organizing company has the obligation to coordinate and execute in the best possible way all sections of the travel services advertised and made available to travelers. Our company, having reached to the full extent every possibility of anticipation, care and diligence, is not responsible for wrongful acts and omissions arising from the fault of the traveler or fault of any person mentioned in the declaration of participation, third party liability, non-service providers and extraordinary situations, unusual or unforeseeable events outside the sphere of influence of the Company, such as cancellations, delays or changes in the routes of the various means of transport (airplanes, ships, buses etc.) due to the blockade of areas due to terrorist acts, strikes and any other causes which, in the lessons of common experience, are interpreted as force majeure and can not be predicted or prevented.

Due to the probability of short or long delays, for technical or meteorological or other reasons, travelers should not plan visits or engage in activities etc. during days of flights or, generally , from one destination to another.

Any planned tour, in the event of a delay, is transferred in the next few days, and if that is impossible, the cost is refunded.

Benefits not mentioned in the package tour descriptions or listed as optional are either not offered at all by our company or are available at a surcharge other than the listed prices, if they can finally be realized. However, these optional services (on-site excursions, evening events, museum entries, etc.) are not mandatory for either party (organizer / client) and are only made if a minimum number of participants is completed and the total amount is prepaid. Our company is not responsible for the optional benefits that are not made by it.

It is stressed that our company is not in a position to anticipate or control circumstances that are unrelated to its sphere of influence and may lead to the cancellation of the travel service or to damages resulting from non-performance or poor performance of the agreed travel services.

Typical examples of such cases are strikes, accidents, illnesses, epidemics, organic disorders due to local conditions, altitude, climate due to meals not included in the travel plan or due to inadequate hygiene conditions due to external factors, injuries or hardship due to war, terrorist acts, hijackings, earthquakes, weather, fires, epidemics, toxic infections and any other emergency or force majeure.

In the above cases, our company is not responsible for the compensation of any damage caused by them or the obligation to cover the extraordinary expenses involved, which should be covered, as in cases of force majeure, by the customers themselves, but will exhaust, any effort to support and care for travelers in any way, notably in providing appropriate information about health services, local authorities and consular assistance, as well as assisting travelers or to facilitate remote communication and to find alternative travel arrangements. Our office may charge a reasonable fee for such assistance if the problem is caused by the traveler’s intent or negligence, which will not exceed the actual costs incurred.

Reasonable complaints about a lack of compliance during the journey that have been found during the execution of a travel service included in the package travel agreement must be immediately and in-situ reported to the escort (or, failing that, to our company) and to the provider service, in writing. The escort writes his or her observations on the subject in the same form.

If any of the travel services is not executed in accordance with the package travel agreement, our company will have to remedy the lack of compliance, unless this is impossible or involves disproportionate costs, taking into account the extent of the non-compliance and the value of the travel services affected. If the lack of compliance is not restored, the traveler is entitled to a reduction in the price for the period he has held, unless our office proves that the traveler is responsible for the lack of compliance.

The traveler is also entitled to compensation for any damage due to any lack of compliance which is paid without undue delay unless our company demonstrates that the lack of compliance: a) is attributable to the traveler, b) is imputed to a third party outside the provision of travel of services included in the package travel contract and having an unforeseeable or irreversible nature; or (c) due to unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.

Where the lack of compliance substantially affects the execution of the package and our company does not restore it within a reasonable time specified by the traveler, the latter may terminate the package holiday without charge and, where appropriate, obtain a price reduction and / or compensation.

In the event that alternative arrangements are not possible or if the traveler rejects the proposed alternative arrangements in accordance with the above, the traveler shall be entitled, where appropriate, to a price reduction and / or compensation without termination of the package travel contract. The liability of the Company is limited and will not exceed the carrier’s liability under the terms and conditions of carriage.

If any problem noted cannot be resolved on the spot, after your return from the trip you must submit a complaint in writing to our company within 15 working days, together with any documents or other evidence you may have to justify  After 15 days, the tour desk has no obligation to respond to any claim.

In order for a managed travel service to be possible in a cost-effective manner, a minimum number of participants will be required, for which you will be informed by the special travel booklet of each trip. As long as this number is not complete, our company reserves the right to cancel this service, and must notify in writing, and at least 21 days prior to the start of the trip, the consumers who have participated in it and return them the money they had paid until the moment of cancellation for their participation in the program.

Benefits not mentioned in the descriptions of the travel service programs either referred to as optional, or not offered by our company or are available at an additional cost beyond the listed prices, if they can finally be realized. However, these optional services (on-site excursions, evening events, museum entries, etc.) are not mandatory for either party (organizer / traveler) and are only made if a minimum number of participants is completed and the total amount is prepaid. Our office is not responsible for the optional benefits that are not made by it.

At a reasonable time before the start of the package, you will receive from our company the necessary documents and information about the scheduled departure times as well as the scheduled times of the stops and arrival. Upon completion of your trip, you will be able to receive from us the documents and proofs provided during the working days and hours.

8.Liability of a Traveler

Because other people are usually involved in organized travel, participation in it requires social behavior and comprehension with regard to the traveling companions and the factors of their realization. For this reason, it is essential that travelers comply with the travel plan, hostesses or tour guides, timely attendance at the sites for the various program benefits, and compliance with any administrative or regulatory regulations applicable to the duration of their holidays.

The delay and inconsistency of the traveler results in the loss of activity, excursion, movement or other service, without the right to a refund for the lost service. In this case, the traveler should reconnect with the team at his / her own responsibility and expense. Our company will do our best to help.

Travelers are responsible for the actions of accompanying children and must constantly supervise them throughout their travel for their safety.

If the traveler interrupts his / her travel on his / her own decision and is separated from the team, even for reasons of force majeure, he / she is not entitled to any further service or compensation, and the responsibility and the costs of any movement out of the team are borne by him / her.

In the same way, our company is not responsible for package travel services, which were not provided to the traveler on his own negligence or responsibility, or due to his illness.

The customer is liable for any damage caused to the Company or to anyone providing any related service that is part of the vacation as a result of its non-compliance with these terms or the individual specific terms governing its contract. The customer is also liable for any penalty, fine and expense that is attributable to the company due to its behavior and is responsible for paying to port, customs, health or other authorities of any country. The customer must deliver to the Company any documents and information in his possession which may be required by the Company to exercise his right of recourse against third parties who may be liable for any damage suffered by the customer. The customer is liable to the Company for any risk to the Company’s right of recourse that will be caused by its non-compliance with this term. The customer is obliged to provide the Company with any information required to assist the Company in fulfilling its security obligations.

If the traveler is prevented from participating in the organized trip in which he has held a post and after promptly warning our company in writing on a durable medium, he may transfer his reservation to another person who fulfills all the conditions for participating in the trip, no later than 15 working days before. In the event of any outstanding balance of the amount or possible additional charges, charges or other costs resulting from the assignment, the transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable towards our company for their payment.

9. Change program

The Company reserves the right to modify or cancel the program prior to its commencement for reasons of security or force majeure (natural disasters, inappropriate weather conditions, strikes and other abnormalities, low level of participants, etc.). In case of cancellation, the entire amount paid is refunded and the participants cannot claim any other compensation. In the event of an amendment, the Company proposes an alternative plan. Participants must accept the change or cancel their participation no later than 7 working days before departure, taking back whatever money they have paid without any other requirement.

The guides-trainers of the company have an obligation to carry out the programs according to the rules of each activity and the security conditions. This is why the company’s guides-trainers have the right – at their absolute discretion – to modify a program that is in progress and to implement an alternative program if this is required for security reasons. Any additional costs will be borne by the participants and any withdrawal due to non-acceptance of the alternative program does not create a reason for compensation for unpaid services. In addition, company escorts-trainers have the right not to allow one of the participants to participate in a section or the entire program if by its behavior it endangers itself, the team, or does not comply with the rules and instructions given to him for the proper execution of the program, without giving rise to compensation.

Any program change by the participants (eg number of participants, etc.) is considered to be canceled and treated in accordance with the terms of paragraph 4.

10. Photographing / filming participants

During the activities the participants are photographed and filmed. This material is used in all the company’s promotional activities (forms, website, etc.). If you do not wish to appear on the promotional material of the company, you must send us your request in writing.

11. Passports – Entry Visas (VISA)

Our company provides all the necessary information regarding the travel and other documents required for each trip and destination and their issuance and / or visa, but – even if it provides some help in the relevant procedure – is not responsible for any non-publication or failing to consider them by the competent authorities to which the traveler is required to address. Particular attention needs to be paid to the travel documents of minors, who must necessarily have a passport.

Particularly nationals of other countries who hold foreign passports and / or residence and work permit in force must inform the company in writing and address themselves to the consular authorities of their country and to the countries to visit in order to check whether they need a visa or any other documentation for the countries through which they will transit or travel, as well as for their return to Greece or the country they started from.

Failure to ensure the timely issue or endorsement of your travel documents does not justify the cancellation of your travel without a cancellation fee.

12. Insurance

Accident insurance is included in all company activities.

The insurance policy number and the insurance company’s name (name, contact details, address) are listed in the contract signed between our company and the traveler. The insurance policy is available to any interested party at the company’s offices.

Our office has disclosed the insurance policy number and the insurance company’s name to the relevant Regional Tourism Agency (R.T.A) of the Ministry of Tourism in order to be registered with the Tourist Enterprises Register.

13.Privacy Policy (GDPR)

We respect the privacy of the clients and comply with applicable data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (European Regulation 2016/679) also known as GDPR. By completing and signing this form you consent to the collection, storage and use of personal data. The personal data we collect, store and process are all the personal data (e-mail addresses, telephones, etc.) as completed by you as well as the photos / videos we receive during the camps. It is also expressly provided the traveler’s consent to send an e-mail to coordinate the program of tours and activities or to promote new travel packages and offers.

Consent will remain strong until you recall it. You have the right at any time to request correction, completion or deletion of these by contacting the company in the information at the beginning of this form. Please note that withdrawing your consent does not affect the legitimacy of consent-based processing until it is revoked.

14. Child participation

Required documents for the participation of children in the program: a) Signature of the participation by the parent / guardian, b) Medical certificate of a pediatrician / physician, c) Written confirmation from our reservation department that the child’s registration is valid.Without the above documentation, children cannot participate in the program.

15. Settlement of Disputes

The company and traveler are committed to resolving in good faith any dispute that may arise during the performance of the package travel contract. If an amicable settlement of the dispute is not possible, any claim, lawsuit or legal action against the Company or its employees will be exercised unless the Company expressly agrees in writing to the contrary in the Courts of Athens in Greece.

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