Athens Bubble Tour


Athens Bubble Tour

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

How many of you have not heard Evripidis, Eschilos, Erakleidis or Aristofanis?

How many of you have not heard Lisipos, Navkidis, Echion or Xenofon?

It is known that Athens was the center of the arts in the Ancient ages. Many theatrical plays, painting exhibitions and sculpture exhibitions took place in Athens, especially at the “Athenian golden ages” of Pericles. But how about nowadays?

Many new artists grew up in athens like actors/actresses, singers but the most amazing part of the new “artist stage” of Athens is the art of the streets.

La Petite Marguerite is an amazing artists group, which started their first performances in the street and it is one of the most famous in whole Greece with a lot of performances. Their bubble show is something unique!!! This tour is a complex between a performance and a tour. La Petite Marguerite will be your tour leaders and they will show you the narrow streets of the center of Athens and do their performance with you in Plaka.


  • La Petite Marguerite Performance
  • Tour Leader
  • The price of the Bubble Tour includes the participation of an adult and a minor

The minor must be accompanied by an adult

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Athens Bubble Tour
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